Claiborne Fundamental Magnet Elementary


Students learned about the Engineering Design Process at STARBASE. Students were allowed the experience to design unique team apparatus to analyze the number of energy sources created.

Our class truly enjoyed witnessing their designs come to life… in one form or another. For the Service Learning Project, RECYCLING was selected. Students were allowed to research the importance of recycling and reusing materials. Many students were moved by the effects of human pollution on aquatic habitats and mounting land fields consisting of everyday items we use use or discard like an enormous amount of plastic, toys, furniture, shoes, clothes, bikes, electronics, etc…. To contribute to the solution, students created paper, plastic, and ink cartridge recycle bins situated throughout Claiborne’s campus. In addition to bins, 5th Graders also engineered ways to reuse shoe boxes and bubble wrap to make gorgeous flower/planter boxes to add to the existing beauty of Claiborne’s atmosphere.