STARBASE 2.0 Middle School

6th – 12th Grade

827 Twining Dr Building 4238, Barksdale AFB, LA 71110

For more information and to be considered for the STARBASE 2.0 program at your school, please notify your school sponsor or administration of your interest. Due to a limited number of spots in the program, sponsor teachers may not be able to accept all applicants. Sponsor teachers will notify students of acceptance into the STARBASE 2.0 program prior to the first session.


6th Grade – Engineering

CO2 Dragsters and Drone Programming

Students will complete semester-long engineering design challenges rooted in scientific concepts, collaboration, inquiry, CAD design, and innovation to accomplish each challenge. During the first semester, students use CAD software and virtual analysis to design and analyze dragster prototypes. The second semester introduces coding as students program drone flight to complete the engineering challenge with accuracy and efficiency.

7th Grade – Engineering

Drone Coding and Gliders

Students will complete semester-long engineering design challenges simultaneously exploring scientific concepts, collaboration, inquiry, coding, programming, CAD design, and innovation to accomplish each challenge. The first semester is comprised of a drone programming challenge involving a complex route and heredity challenges. Throughout second semester students investigate the science of flight as they engineer glider prototypes and develop knowledge of flight principles and prepare students for rocketry challenges in following years.

8th Grade – Rocketry

RISES Competition – Rocketry Igniting Science and Engineering Skills

8th grade STARBASE 2.0 participants will compete in a local rocketry competition and will utilize CAD software and rocket simulations as student teams journey through the engineering design process to improve their rocket prototype. Each year the competition requires teams to design, build, and fly an original rocket that can fly a raw hen’s egg to a specific altitude and safely land it within a specified time frame. Teams receive a score based upon how closely they achieve this objective.