Making A Difference

Using research based pedagogy, we empower children to uniquely experience STEM, making it relevant for their lives. After completing STARBASE, children feel confident and have a great sense of accomplishment.

Years Of Leadership In STEM Education
5th Through 12th Grade Students Since 1999
Hours Of Exemplary Instruction

DoD STARBASE is a national science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program in 60+ locations throughout the U.S that invests in America’s youth. Since 1999, tens of thousands of fifth graders and hundreds of middle and high school students in our community have experienced hands-on STEM investigations and projects, leading edge technology and innovative instructional methods through STARBASE Louisiana at Barksdale Air Force Base. Highlights include:

  • 5 hours of exemplary instruction
  • Rigorous STEM curriculum
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Raised student performance
  • 21st century skills—critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration
  • Scientific literacy, problem solving, hands-on inquiry, growth mindset


Official Program Sponsor: 307th Bomb Wing Air Force Reserve Command

Provides program oversight, financial management, communications support, public affairs/ media relations, civil engineering and building maintenance, career mentors and graduation dignitaries

Educational and Community Partners and Supporters:

STARBASE Louisiana, Inc. 501c3
Bossier Parish Schools
Caddo Parish Schools
PTC Design Engineering Software
Studio Graphics
Cyber Innovation Center
Bossier Chamber of Commerce
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Northrop Grumman Corporation
The Boeing Company
AEP Swepco
Rotary Club of Shreveport
VOA of Northwest Louisiana
Shreveport Regional Arts Council
North Louisiana STEM Alliance
Norton Art Gallery Digital Media Institute

Base-Wide Supporters

Base Host, civil engineering and communications support, student tours, career mentors, graduation dignitaries

AF Global Strike Command
8th Air Force
2nd Bomb Wing
93rd Bomb Squadron
26th Operational Weather Squadron
20th Bomb Squadron
11th Bomb Wing
2nd Medical Group
2nd Security Forces Kennel
Air Force Association
Barksdale Military Affairs Council
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association


20th Year Fast Facts

  • 30,693 5th grade graduates
  • 1300 5th grade academies
  • 176% current average pre/post assessment gains
  • 394 STEM-based student Service Learning Projects
  • 600+ middle and high school 2.0 participants
  • 251 STARBASE 2.0 community STEM mentors and partnering teachers
  • 186 LSU Shreveport intern teacher mentorships
  • 24 community-based grants
  • 42 professional presentations, workshops, and courses
  • 19 awards and recognitions
  • 8 community based collaborative projects
  • Hundreds of thousands of inspiring STEM moments

2.0 High School Program Launched

1000th Class and Mayoral Proclamation

Mayor Ollie Tyler, of Shreveport, La., proclaimed during the 1,000th STARBASE Louisiana graduation of fifth-graders at Judson Fundamental Elementary Magnet School in Shreveport La. that jointly with Mayor Lorenz “Lo” Walker of Bossier City, La. Thursday, May 19, 2016, will be known as STARBASE Louisiana Day.


Baseline Program Expands to Three Classes Per Day

2.0 Middle School Program Launched


Expands To Two Classes Per Day

Thanks  to the cooperation of several base organizations, the Reserve-sponsored educational program for at-risk fifth and sixth-grade students, was able to expand to the 917th Security Forces lecture room. Use of the satellite classroom will allow STARBASE to accommodate twice as many students this school year, 1300 vs. 650, acccording to Kathy Brandon, STARBASE La., executive director. Classes will meet there daily.



Pilot Classes and STARBASE LA Inc. 501(c)3 Established